Shawne Merriman — I Lost ‘Ninja Warrior’ … ‘Cause I’m Too Damn Heavy


There”s a GOOD REASON you”ve never seen a 260-pound “Ninja Warrior,” “cause they suck on trampolines … so says ex-NFL star Shawne Merriman.

Shawne knows from experience — the former San Diego Chargers linebacker recently appeared on the show … and started off strong … only to crash hard when it came time to negotiate the trampoline obstacle.

“260 don”t work on trampolines,” Merriman says … “My weight made the trampoline touch the ground.”

Gotta give the guy credit — he actually put together a pretty solid run before bailing on the jump. But SM says if he”s invited back next year, he GUARANTEES he”ll finish the course.