Shailene Woodley: Stunning in Flaunt

Shailene Woodley: Stunning in Flaunt

She”s been in the spotlight since her leading lady days on “The Secret Life of the American Teenager,” and now Shailene Woodley reveals her thoughts on the hit ABC Family series in Flaunt magazine”s Dye Issue.

While showing off her midriff in designer duds from Craven and What Katie Did, the 21-year-old actress opened up about her time on the teen series and her popularity with young adults.

Check out a few highlights from Miss Woodley”s interview below. For more, be sure to visit Flaunt !

On “The Secret Life of the American Teenager:
“I didn”t like it because I fit started to change, I had no control over it. It”s like anything in life, whether you”re an actor or you work in an insurance office, if you want to be able to leave your job, it”s nice to be able to leave your job. But when you”re in a contract, unfortunately, you can”t do that. I”m extremely grateful for it; it was a fantastic five years of my life, but towards the end, morally, the things that we were preaching on that show weren”t really aligned with my own integrity. So that was a bit hard to show up to work every day knowing that we were going to project all of these themes to thousands – millions – of your adults across the country, when in fact they weren”t what I would like to be sending out.”

On her acting:
“I”m not one of those actors who feels like they need to get in character, to do any sort of method acting situations. For me it”s all about learning my lines, showing up on time, and professionally listening to what others are saying, and then authentically and truthfully reacting off to their expressions. So, it”s easy to drop roles, but I don”t feel like I acquire them to begin with.”

On her fame:
“I just find the whole “f” word, this whole “fan word, so completely fascinating. I think it”s one thing to be a fan of a particular movie – growing up, I was a huge fan of “The Goonies” and certain bands or musicians. [But] I look back at my favorite childhood films, and I dont remember being obsessed, or necessarily being a fan of a particular actor. I was excited to see what they were going to do next, but Now I feel like theres this odd sort of obsession with certain people. So, for me, I try to separate myself from my project; and I hope that people support that project. But when people are solely supporting me, it feels odd; its something that I havent quite gotten used to and I dont think I ever will.”