Seth Rogen & Wife Lauren Miller Don"t Want Kids Any Time Soon

Lauren Miller and Seth Rogen
It”s been a banner year for Seth Rogen.

Just a few months after saying “I do” to longtime girlfriend Lauren Miller, the funnyman”s latest film 50/50 got nominated for a Golden Globe on Thursday – a first for the actor, who says he”s “never been in a movie” where he thought he”d be nominated for a major award.

But don”t add parenthood to the list of upcoming milestones for the newlywed, 29, and his wife.

Responding with a firm “no” when asked if kids were in the cards, Rogen added with a laugh, “We have a dog. That”s good for now.”

But the actor has found personal fulfillment even without starting a family.

“Life is good,” he says. “I”m pretty happy right now. Married life is exactly like non-married life, except you”re not constantly having the feeling that you”re disappointing your significant other by not marrying them.”

Miller, a writer who met Rogen in 2004 when he wrote for The Ali G Show, was laying in bed next to her husband when he received the exciting news about 50/50“s nomination for best motion picture – comedy or musical.

“She was asking why someone was calling us so early,” Rogen explains. “As soon as she heard I was going to be on the phone, I was kicked out of the room.”

As for the film”s nomination, he calls it “really surprising and really nice.”

“I make movies for people to see them,” he says. “I don”t talk about them getting nominated for awards, nor do I expect it. … If I tied my happiness with getting nominated for awards, I would have been pretty miserable up until now.”