Seth Rogen Interested in "Pineapple Express" Sequel

Seth Rogen Interested in

Though fans may have been hoping for a “Pineapple Express” sequel for awhile now, rest assured that is it not far from the mind of Seth Rogen.

During MTV Sneak Peek Week, the “Knocked Up” star spoke about the possibility of a “Pineapple” sequel, admitting, “We”re open to it. We”re Kickstarting it! We need $40 million on Kickstarter. $1 million to make the movie and $39 million just to pay all us. If we get that, we”ll talk about it.”

Later, he added, “For the last few years, we”ve been talking about what a sequel would be and it is the plot that we put into the movie! [But This Is the End] is based off a fake trailer that we made! If anything, we”re trying to get the idea out there.”

If you enjoyed the 2008 stoner flick, the cast is reuniting for the upcoming apocalyptic comedy, “This Is the End.”

Playing alter-egos of themselves, the movie takes place at a party at James Franco”s house where Seth, Jay Baruchel, Jonah Hill, and clan of other famous comedians face the end of the world.

If audiences just can”t wait for another round of “Pineapple”, a fake trailer for the speculated about sequel appears in “This Is the End.” Check it out in the clip below!