Seth Rogen and James Franco Talk "This Is The End" in Complex June/July 2013

Seth Rogen and James Franco Talk

With their new flick “This Is The End” set to hit theaters Wednesday (June 12th), Seth Rogen and James Franco amp”ed up promotions by covering the June/July 2013 issue of Complex magazine.

The two co-stars sat down to discuss the upcoming apocalyptic comedy, while chatting about their personas on and off the set.

Check out a few highlights from Mr. Rogen and Mr. Franco”s interview below. For more, be sure to visit Complex!

On directing “This Is The End”:
“It was great for the most part… It”s awesome. I like to hang out with my friends, obviously. And the moments here and there when they do something that annoys you are vastly outweighed by the billion times you”re enjoying them all day. But whenever you working with your friends, odd situations tend to arise. Sometimes business and personal s*** doesn”t mix in the best way. But what”s good is that a lot of us became friends through work, so we knew each other”s working habits.”

On comparing on set Seth to off set Seth:
“We”re all a lot smarter in real life. On set, the thing that the guys would come to us the most with wasn”t “I”m coming across like an a**hole” or “I would never do this.” It was always: “What we”re doing is so stupid.” Evan and I had to keep explaining: Yes, you are stupid in this movie. If we did what was reasonable, it would just be us sitting in the house, slow conserving our food and water and it would not be funny.”

On his acting career:
“I get concerned about all the big things, but I”ve had a really good life. I know I”m very fortunate. So I have less of a a need to hold on to things, or need more, more, more. If I”m honest about how good things have been, I think, “If it went away, don”t be greedy.””

On being considered as a big movie star in the comedy:
“In some ways it takes pressure off of the real personas, and it allows us to mess with them, because something else is going on. If the apocalyptic side of the movie wasn”t there, it would just be about spoofing our personas, and that can only go so far. It would become this insidery, self-indulgent thing.”