Seth Meyers — Just GUESS Who’s Playing Paul Ryan on ‘SNL’

exclusive 081712_seth_meyers_launch

Seth Myers
tells our sources he”s already taken himself OUT of the running to play Paul Ryan on the upcoming season of “Saturday Night Live” … insisting the identity of new Paul imposter is a closely guarded secret.

Myers — who”s the head writer on the show — was walking his bike in NYC this week … did drop one obvious nugget, we”re DEFINITELY getting a Mitt Romney sketch on the season premiere.

So who will take on Mitt”s running mate Probably not Fred Armisen (he already plays Barack Obama) … or Jason Sudeikis (plays Mitt Romney) … which leaves …

1) Bill Hader
2) Taran Killam
3) Bobby Moynihan
4) Jay Pharoah (Um…)
5) Kenan Thompson (Yeah…)
6) Random new guy (crap shoot)

Choose wisely Seth.