Seth MacFarlane's "Bordertown" Heads to FOX

Seth MacFarlane's

Expanding his relationship with the FOX network, comedy king Seth Macfarlane is currently creating a brand new animated comedy sitcom, entitled, “Bordertown.”

“Bordertown” comes at us from 40-year-old MacFarlane and “Family Guy” producer Mark Hentemann. The show is scheduled to air during the 2014-15 season.

Reportedly in development since 2009, “Bordertown” takes place in a fictional desert town in Texas, the series was originally created by Hentemann, and it focuses on on Bud Buckwald, a married father of three serving as a border patrol agent who isn”t adjusting well to the cultural changes around him.

According to Hollywood Reporter, the show “takes a satirical look at America”s cultural shifts through the evolving relationships between Bud”s family and that of his next-door neighbor Ernesto Gonzales, a Mexican immigrant and father of four.”