"Sesame Street" Takes On "Sons of Anarchy" Watch Here!

Aiming for the parents of the children who are way too young to understand the source, “Sesame Street” took on “Sons of Anarchy” in a new spoof.

Entitled, “Sons of Poetry,” the skit turns the adults-only FX series into a fun way to introduce rhyming to children.

Flattered by the tribute, “SoA” creator Kurt Sutter tweeted, “growing up with bert & ernie, having a 6 yr. old who loves elmo. this meant so much to me. thank you Sesame Street.”

Fans eager for the rougher and tougher motorcyclists can catch “Sons of Anarchy” when it returns to FX on September 10th. In the meantime, check out the “Sesame Street” homage in the player below.