Serena Williams — Issues BS Statement After Steubenville Rape Comments

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Serena Williams isn”t exactly apologizing for the incendiary comments she allegedly made about the Steubenville rape victim … because she”s not entirely sure she said them, at least that”s the way it seems from the BS statement she just released.

Williams came under fire this week over an article printed in Rolling Stone … in which the tennis superstar is quoted as saying, “[the Steubenville rape victim] shouldn’t have put herself in that position” on the night she was raped at a high school party.

But moments ago, Williams issued a statement on her website — in which she takes NO responsibility for the comments … and suggests she may not have ever said them at all.

“I am currently reaching out to the girl’s family to let her know that I am deeply sorry for what was written in the Rolling Stone article. What was written – what I supposedly said – is insensitive and hurtful, and I by no means would say or insinuate that she was at all to blame.”

The statement begs the obvious question — DID YOU MAKE THE COMMENTS OR NOT