‘Sell This House: Extreme’ Star — Mirror, Mirror … Smashed Me In the Face

In a case of WHEN HOUSES ATTACK … one of the guys from the show “Sell this House: Extreme” found himself covered in blood after he was smashed in the face by a falling mirror. EXTREEEEEME!!

Here”s what happened … Charlie Frattini — the construction guy who renovates the homes on the hit A&E reality show — was taping an episode in Miami, FL last Friday …  when a very large mirror he was attempting to secure to the wall came crashing down onto his face.

The mirror shattered … and at least one of the pieces sliced open a 5-inch gash right above of his forehead. With blood literally dripping down his face, Charlie went to a local hospital … where he was stitched up and released.

After the incident, Charlie — sporting 2 nasty black eyes — taped a video statement and joked about the situation … “I got in a fight with a mirror, and the mirror kicked my ass.”


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