Selena Gomez Teases ??Come & Get It? Video: Watch Here!

Selena Gomez Teases ??Come & Get It? Video: Watch Here!

It wont be long before Selena Gomez drops her new music video for Come & Get It and MTV has just unveiled a new teaser for the clip.

The Wizards of Waverly Place hottie will be featured in MTV First: Selena Gomez on Tuesday, May 7th, during which the much-anticipated video will premiere.

Back in January, Gomez explained, “I think for me it was actually interesting to see that towards the middle of me recording my record, a big turn happened to me and it was incredible to see how I applied that to music because I”ve never done that before and it”s great.”

“I think the older I”m getting, the more I”m just kind of like I”m cool to share my side of the stories as much as I can, so I”m having a lot of fun.”

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