Selena Gomez Talks Birthday Plans and New Album on "New Music Live"

Selena Gomez Talks Birthday Plans and New Album on

She”s less than a month away from her milestone 21st birthday and Selena Gomez gave her fans the inside scoop on how she”s planning to celebrate.

On Thursday (May 30), the 20-year-old songstress co-hosted “New Music Live” in Toronto where she dished, “In America 21 is “the age” so I am going to actually have a really big party I”m gonna invite my friends and family and I”m definitely going to celebrate.”

Aside from plans for her upcoming big bash, Selena also dished on some of the details of her Stars Dance album. Explaining why she decided to do her first solo record, Gomez said, “[In the last year] I definitely went through a lot so I wanted to apply that to this album and I took my time with it. I wanted it to be a little more about me and the experiences that I had.”

So when can fans get their hand on her newest tunes When it was mentioned that the project would hit shelves on July 23rd, Selena quickly jumped in to add, “Not necessarily, [that”s] not the exact date, but yes.”