Selena Gomez on Lorde: I'll Stop Singing "Royals" If She Doesn't Support Women

Selena Gomez on Lorde: I'll Stop Singing

Their Twitter feud began a few months ago, and though that”s come to an end Selena Gomez is still letting her thoughts about Lorde be known loud and clear.

During an interview with Flaunt magazine, the former Disney star spoke about Lorde”s comments regarding her “anti-feminist” single “Come and Get It.”

While the 17-year-old stated that she”s sick of women being portrayed as sluts, Selena responded,”That”s not feminism. [Lorde is] not supporting other women. That”s my honest opinion, that”s what I would say to her if I saw her.”

Although she does continue to remain a fan of Lorde, Selena goes on to say that she may stop covering her breakthrough single “Royals” at her concerts. “I actually covered her song in all of my shows that I”ve done so far. I”m not sure if I”m going to continue that.”

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