Selena Gomez — Not Over Bieber … (Possibly)

Selena Gomez continues to torture Justin Bieber … that is if you believe her song lyrics are a reflection of real life … because her new track is about a on-again-off-again relationship she just can”t shake. Sound familiar

As our sources previously reported … sources close to JB are adamant he”s acting out from heartache over his split with SG — claiming SHE won”t make a clean break and the two are still very much in contact.

So when SG”s song “Come & Get It” was released online Saturday — riddled with lyrics about an addictive love that”s not quite over — it begged the question, is it about JB

Here are some gems from the song:

You ain’t gotta worry it’s an open invitation
I’ll be sittin’ right here real patient
Can’t stop because I love it, hate the way I love you.
All day all night maybe I’m addicted for life, no lie.

This love ain’t finished yet …
So baby whenever you’re ready… come and get it.

Ending with … This love will be the death of me.