Selena Gomez: "It Is Hard to Keep a Politically-Correct Life"

Selena Gomez:

Fueling up for a busy week, Selena Gomez stopped at a gas station in Los Angeles, California on Monday (September 30).

The “Spring Breakers” star wore a sleeveless black top and long black pants as she pumped gas into her BMW before heading on her way.

Last week, the 21-year-old former Disney darling was in Dubai for Dubai Music Week where she sat down for an interview with Zabeel Saray.

Speaking about what keeps her grounded, Selena shares, “Its obviously about how I have been raised. I have had such a strong family. When I was younger, my mother had been there to rein me in. It was exactly how I was raised. It is hard to keep a politically-correct life. I have always been taught to treat people with respect. But when I am on stage, its a moment and its a time to be just who I want. [I] am with people who have a connection with me and who love my music.