Selena Gomez: I See London, I See France!

Selena Gomez: I See London, I See France!

She always gives it her all when she hits the stage, and Selena Gomez ended up showing the audience a little more than she intended during her gig at the 103.3 AMP Radio Birthday Bash in Boston last night (June 30).

While belting out one of her hit songs, the Come & Get It songstress flashed her flesh-colored underwear after her flowing boho-chic dress flew up.

However, Miss Gomez kept on going, and didnt seem to be fazed by the incident. She tweeted, “What an amazing crowd! Thank you @1033ampradio #AmyBdayBash Getting stoked for my tour!”

Regarding the upcoming concerts, Selena told Ryan Seacrest, “It”s going to be a bigger show. I”m excited. I”ve been dancing a lot and I just want to entertain people and I”m super stoked.”

“I kind of miss shows when it just used to be about the dancing and the performing as opposed to how big and elaborate the stage is. So I kind of want to get back to that. My favorites were Britney [Spears] and Janet Jackson. So I kind of want to do a little bit more dancing, and just make it about the entertainment and about the show and the songs, as opposed to how big the stage or how many effects we can have.”