Selena Gomez Hurts "Everywhere"

Selena Gomez Hurts

Shes such a hard worker! Selena Gomez shared a selfie from her private jet after a tiring night on her Stars Dance tour in Winnipeg, Canada on Monday (August 19).

Now I hurt. Everywhere, the 21-year-old cutie shared with the snapshot, showing her relaxing with ice packs on her legs and sipping on a McDonalds soda.

Though Selena is just five days into her 58-date tour, its not surprising that shes feeling the pain. Miss Gomezs set includes vigorous dance routines, which, according to People, were learned through 8 hours rehearsals each day for weeks before the opening.

During a recent interview with MTV News, the Come and Get It singer said, I think the dancing is what Im most nervous about because Im such a perfectionist.

Selena continues to tour in Canada and Europe before heading to the US on October 10.