Selena Gomez: Camera Shy in Milan After Russian Visa Dilemma

Selena Gomez: Camera Shy in Milan After Russian Visa Dilemma

Shes been on a non-stop tour to promote her latest album Stars Dance, and Selena Gomez was in no mood for photographers in Milan, Italy today (September 20).

The Birthday songstress kept her face covered as she scurried past some shutterbugs while returning to her hotel after some publicity duties.

And while Selena was originally scheduled to perform at St. Petersburgs Ice Palace on September 23rd and Moscows Olimpiisky Stadium on September 25th, it turns out she wont be singing in Russia after all.

Gomezs visa application was denied by Russian government officials due to her favorable view of gay rights, and Bilerico writer John Becker told the Huffington Post that Selenas stance made the authorities anxious.

This shows that the Russian government is on edge, it”s nervous, and it”s aware of the bruising its reputation has taken in the wake of their anti-gay crackdown. For the first time since the end of the Yeltsin administration, more Americans have a negative perception of Russia, and it”s clear that the country”s crackdown on LGBT rights has made a difference here.

This cancellation of Selena Gomez”s visa shows that the Russian government is sensitive and on the defense, and shows that the pressure from people all around the world and the backlash against these laws is strong. They”re afraid to have someone like Selena Gomez come in and potentially use her platform to advance LGBT rights.