Seattle Seahawks Star Chris Clemons’ Ex — He Gave Me a House … And Then Kicked Me Out of It!

Seattle Seahawks
sack machine Chris Clemons callously kicked his ex-wife out of his giant house after she drained her LIFE SAVINGS — this according to new legal docs — and now she”s out for payback … again.

As we first reported, Clemons and his ex Veranetta finalized their divorce last month and Chris agreed to fork over $500,000 and a Land Rover.

But Veranetta just filed new legal docs claiming Chris felt bad about the sudden split and wanted to give her more than just the settlement amount … so he offered her his Georgia mansion as well.

Veranetta says she moved in on Chris” word — before he paid her the $500,000 — and spent every penny she had on other things, figuring she didn”t have to worry about her living situation any longer.

Veranetta claims she then asked Chris to pay her $74,856 in attorneys” fees as well — and for some reason, Chris flipped at the demand … revoking the house gift and insisting Veranetta clear the premises.

We”re told Chris paid Veranetta the original $500,000 settlement and she took off — but now she”s firing back … demanding $82,687 in attorneys” fees.

It”s unclear who got to keep the furniture. Calls to Chris were not returned.