Sean Parker Ties the Knot: Wedding Details

Sean Parker Ties the Knot: Wedding Details

Gearing up for a lifetime of wedded bliss, Sean Parker said I Do with Alexandra Lenas in a fairytale marriage ceremony in Big Sur, California on June 1st.

The billionaire founder of Napster allowed Vanity Fair to cover the event, and everything about the day was extravagant as well as elegant.

Designer Ken Fulk shared, “It was Citizen Kane meets Gatsby — like in its scale — but beautiful, not gross or overwhelming.

Meanwhile, VF writer David Kirkpatrick noted, “People literally gasped as they emerged into a glade in which planted flowers and hanging garlands conferred a riot of color and a sense of undulation.”

In a separate piece for Tech Crunch, Parker himself penned, “We wanted our wedding to begin with “Once upon a time” and end with ” and they lived happily ever after. After the ceremony many of us felt as though we never wanted to leave that forest, and indeed many guests remained there until the sun came up the next morning. We lay on the flower-strewn pathway, looking up at the redwood canopy above. The fog rolling in from the ocean enveloped us, imbuing the moment with a feeling of supernatural bliss.”

Singer Sting sang to the couple, and celebrity guests included Olivia Munn, Emma Watson, and drummer Lars Ulrich.