Sean Parker Pays Millions Over Environmentally Unfriendly Wedding

Breaking News 0603_sean_parker_getty_articleSean Parker”s massive $10 million wedding was a MENACE to sensitive fish and plants in Big Sur … and he NEVER got proper permits for any of it … so claims wildlife officials who have settled with the Facebook billionaire for $2.5 million.

Parker struck the agreement with the California Coastal Commission after agents were tipped that he built a wedding site the size of a massive movie set in an ecologically sensitive area — cabins, dance floor, staircases, waterfalls — all without permits.

By the time coastal officials investigated, the structures had already been built … but they let the wedding go on as scheduled. The 33-year-old Parker tied the knot Saturday with singer-songwriter Alexandra Lenas.

After the shindig, the commission had the structures taken down with no damage to the area … they also said Parker was super cooperative.

So what”s cooler than $10 million for a wedding $2.5 million for coastal conservation programs.