Sean Kingston — KIDDING! I Wasn’t Drunk

Breaking News 0828_sean_kingston_article_tmzSean Kingston now says he WASN”T drunk when he got behind the wheel of his Lamborghini and roared down Sunset Blvd. Tuesday night, claiming he doesn”t drink when he hits the clubs.

Kingston just went off on Twitter … reacting to the our sources video we posted this morning, which shows Kingston hopping into his Lambo, confessing he had “too much drinks” to answer our questions.

Kingston wrote, “For the record @our sources I’m not 1 of these artist who u may think is living youngwild and free in Hollywood i care about my reputation and brand.”

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Sean Kingston

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Sean Kingston

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Must be a brand new policy … considering he was so drunk at Playhouse just a couple months ago he got out of the driver”s seat because he didn”t want to get a DUI.

So we gotta ask …