Sean Kingston — DANGER BEHIND THE WHEEL … Drinking, Texting, Speeding

Exclusive 082813_sean_kingston_launchSean Kingston could”ve killed somebody last night … “cause he got behind the wheel of his Lamborghini after BOOZING, pulled out his cell phone to text and then tore down the Sunset Strip at breakneck speeds.

The 23-year-old hip hop star was leaving Bootsy Bellows nightclub … when we asked him an easy question about his favorite lyric on the new 2 Chainz album.

Sean”s response: “I can”t remember man … too much drinks.”

Kingston then got into the driver”s seat and pulled out his cell phone — began playing on it — and then slammed on the gas, rocketing down the street.

It”s unclear if Kingston was joking about the drinking — but it wouldn”t be the first time he”s tried to drive on alcohol. Back in June, Sean got out of the driver”s seat of his Bentley when he realized he was too drunk to drive. 

This time, however, there was no such moment of clarity … and if he continues to get behind the wheel after boozing, it”ll only be a matter of time before someone pays the price for Sean”s stupidity.