Scottie Pippen — Beatdown Victim Spit at Me, Called Me the N-Word

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Scottie Pippen
“s claiming he attacked a fan in Malibu this weekend in self-defense … after the man called him the n-word and then spit at him.

Sources close to Pippen tell us, the middle-aged man who got his ass kicked by Pippen outside Nobu Sunday night was a drunk, overly aggressive fan who had been badgering Pippen for attention all evening … beginning inside Nobu, where Pippen was eating with friends.

At one point, we”re told one of Pippen”s dinner guests went to the bathroom … and the man sat in the guest”s place … continuing to pester Pippen with questions. We”re told Pippen bit his tongue and politely asked the man to leave.

After the meal, we”re told Pippen agreed to take a photo with the man outside the restaurant … but the man continued to be aggressive, demanding an autograph as well. Pippen refused and we”re told that”s when the man dropped the n-bomb, shoved the NBA legend, then spat at him.

Sources close to Pippen say he lost it when the spit landed on his young daughter — and Pippen flew into attack mode.

As we reported, the alleged victim was subsequently transported to a nearby hospital with severe injuries to his head, face, and back. Pippen has since spoken with authorities and he was not arrested.