Scott Weiland — Stone Temple Pilots Lied About Firing Me to Boost Ticket Sales

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Stone Temple Pilots LIED about firing singer Scott Weiland as a publicity stunt … in order to hype an upcoming concert tour … so says Weiland, who insists the band is still 100% together.

Weiland said, “STP is not broken up. It”s a whole thing to try to boost ticket sales.”

But the way Weiland explains it sounds like he and the rest of STP don”t really communicate … and they used the Weiland “firing” to boost ticket sales for a tour they were organizing WITHOUT him.

Which begs the question … why is Scott so sure he”s not out of the band He says it”s because there”s a clause in the band”s contract that forbids the members from using the name STP on another group. In other words, if Scott”s out … STP ceases to exist.

Ultimately, Weiland says he has no idea what the other guys were thinking — but when asked if he”s still leading the band, he replied smugly, “I started it.”