Scott Disick Stars in ??American Psycho? Parody for Kanye West

Scott Disick Stars in ??American Psycho? Parody for Kanye West

Hes usually relegated to the background by virtue of the Kardashian family limelight, but Scott Disick takes center stage in a new promo video for Kanye West”s just-released album Yeezus.

The Keeping Up with the Kardashians hunk plays Christian Bales character from the 2000 thriller American Psycho, preying upon family friend Jonathan Cheban.

Disick asks his victim, “Hey, do you like Kanye West The early work was a little too hip-hop for me and my taste, but when Dark Twisted Fantasy came out in 2010, I think he really came into his own both musically and lyrically.”

Continuing his diatribe, Scott notes that Yeezus is Wests most exciting record by far. There”s the song “I”m a God. The title practically speaks for itself, but of course the insecurities of the mainstream music press will never understand its true meaning because it”s about me!”

As he raises up his axe, Scott declares, “Hey, Jonathan! Try getting the Yeezus album now, motherf–ker!”