Scott Disick Out Of Control Before Clubbing with Kylie and Kendall

Exclusive 101613_scott_disick_launchIf Scott Disick was the responsible adult last night when he took16-year-old Kylie and17-year-old  Kendall Jenner to a 21-and-over nightclub, Kris oughta be plenty worried, because he was off the hinges earlier in the night.

Scott was at a Style Fashion Week L.A. event earlier in the evening with Kylie and Kendall.  He was drinking and acting belligerent … to the point where one of the models flipped him off.

At the end of the show, Scott grabbed the designer, Cedric Benaroch, and almost pulled him off the runway.

101613_disick_cedric_launchScott then started  freestyle rapping for Lil Twist and a random guy, ending with, “I drive f**king Bentleys!”

A true rolls model.