Scarlett Johansson — Sex Shop Poster Child

Scarlett Johansson used in sex toy ads
Scarlett Johansson
is the new face of dildos, porn, and everything in between — because her image has just been hijacked by a Spanish-speaking sex shop near the Mexican border.

An adult superstore by the name of “VIP” in Calexico, CA blatantly stole a sultry pic of ScarJo in lingerie to use on its business cards — hocking all sorts of naughty products … like sex toys, lotions … and something called “lubricante.”

We asked the store manager about the sticky situation — and he responded in English, “What does it have to do with the business card I don’t know who Scarlett Johansson is.”

As to how her famous mug ended up on their ads, he tells us, “The owner ordered cards from a company and said we need something with a girl on the card and the company did it.”

No word back yet from Scarlett’s team — but unless she has embarked on a shocking new career path, we doubt the biz card”s legit.