Scarlett Johansson Catches Rays with "Security Guard" in Italy

Scarlett Johansson sunbathing with a mystery man
Being Scarlett Johansson”s bodyguard appears to be quite a hands-on gig.

The bikini-clad Avengers star, 27, was recently photographed laying out on a yacht off the coast of Italy looking cozy with a mystery man, who her rep says is simply part of her team.

Scarlett Johansson Catches Rays with 'Security Guard' in Italy| Couples, Scarlett Johansson

On the yacht in the Taormina, Italy


“If you go back and look at photos from the premiere of the Avengers in Rome, you”ll see it”s her security guard,” Marcel Pariseau tells New York”s Daily News.

But this so-called member of the A-lister”s security is nowhere to be found in an extensive photo search.

Pariseau told us Tuesday that the man in the yacht photos – who is seen touching Johansson”s face and poking at her stomach – is someone she employs only when she”s in Italy, not a longtime bodyguard. He also said she is still dating her ad exec beau Nate Naylor.

As for the tummy-touching, the rep told the Daily News that the photos are misleading and that security guard was only looking at his cell phone.

Also on board, according to photos and Pariseau, was one of Johansson”s female assistants. The actress is in Italy to attend a Dolce and Gabana fashion show and do a shoot for the brand.

Scarlett Johansson Catches Rays with 'Security Guard' in Italy| Couples, Scarlett Johansson

Scarlett Johansson; Nate Naylor

Retna;Visual Press

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