Scarf-Wearing Pig Spotted on Pittsburgh Highway

Pig wanders Pittsburgh highway
Oink, oink – coming through!

A baby pig wearing a scarf trotted over part of Pittsburgh”s Parkway West in peak rush-hour traffic Wednesday morning, prompting motorists to pull out their cameras and take pictures of the well-dressed porker.

The incident provided a jolt of amusement for the drivers stranded in bumper-to-bumper conditions at 8:30 a.m. Many contacted police about the pig, some tried to catch it, and others called into local radio stations to report sightings.

Before state troopers arrived on the scene, however, the pig ran into the woods and disappeared.

“We went down there, and there was nothing,” trooper Robin Mungo tells us. “It wasn”t a homicide, so there wasn”t an ongoing investigation. Once an animal leaves the highway and we can”t find them, we don”t continue to look for them.”

The dandy pig”s legend lives on – where else – on the Internet. There are dueling Twitter accounts (@parkwaypig and @sharpdressedpig) and a Facebook page dedicated to the Parkway Pig.

There have been no additional sightings, and no one has called to claim ownership of the pig. “I asked if we had any livestock on the highway today,” Mungo says. “We didn”t.”