Say ! to Elizabeth Hurley"s new love interest David Yarrow

Say ! to Elizabeth Hurley
Elizabeth Hurley‘s latest love interest photographer David Yarrow is like most of her previous companions, charming, debonair and very successful. The duo have been discreetly seeing each other since last month and were spotted kissing tenderly in the street over the weekend.

The images piqued Elizabeth’s ex Shane Warne so much he tweeted a comment about “people moving on quickly” and said he planned to start using a dating app. So what is known about the English beauty’s charismatic new beau

1.Born in 1966, he is a member of the Yarrow shipbuilding dynasty and studied at Edinburgh University.

2. After founding London-based Clareville Capital hedge fund, driven David changed careers and took up photography. He quickly gained acclaim being named Young Scottish Photographer of the Year. His photo of Maradona holding aloft the trophy at the Mexico World Cup became an iconic image.

3. In the early 2000s he was married to an attractive PR director named Jane, who is the mother of his daughter Jade and son, whose name is not not known. After the union broke down his ex-wife briefly dated Charles Spencer, the brother of Princess Diana. Of that relationship, David said: “Jane and I are good friends and I wish her every happiness”.

His globetrotting career takes him all over the world. David says he “goes the extra mile” to take photos of dangerous animals, once spending 36 hours patiently waiting to take a shot of a silverback gorilla. The resulting pictures are starkly beautiful and apparently sell for up to 14,000 each

Luckily for Elizabeth, the dashing wildlife photographer is also very sociable. Like the model-turned-businesswoman, he has a large circle of well-connected friends including Lawrence Dallaghio and Rory Bremner, who says he “throws great parties”.