Savannah Guthrie: 5 Things to Know About Today"s Newest Co-Host

Savannah Guthrie and Ann Curry
You”ve seen her face around NBC before, but now you”ll be seeing it a lot more: Savannah Guthrie has officially been chosen to replace Ann Curry as Matt Lauer”s Today Show co-host, the network announced Friday morning.

“In just a few short years Savannah, has become a standout member of the news division as well as the ultimate team player,” NBC News President Steve Capus said in a statement on Friday. “She”s got an undeniable range, and she”s earned the trust of the news community, her colleagues and our viewers alike. I couldn”t be happier for Savannah and the entire Today team.”

The 40-year-old Arizona native is no stranger to the morning show, of course – she”s been co-anchoring the 9 a.m. hour since August 2011, and she will continue her role as NBC News chief legal correspondent.

Not too familiar with Guthrie and her friendly yet hard-hitting style Here are five things to know about Today“s newest co-host.

1. She knows how to stir up drama
On a 2011 episode of Today, Guthrie angered some viewers with her comments about breastfeeding, saying: “You have to go to the bathroom, but you don”t do that in public. … Is there a difference” Miffed moms took to Twitter, starting a hashtag called #NIP (i.e. “Not in Public”) which quickly started trending on the site.

2. Katie Couric was an early inspiration
In a Q&A with Today viewers back in September 2011, Guthrie discussed her passion for journalism, which she said began with a suggestion from her mother.

“When I was in college, there were a couple years there where I was just not sure what to do, and it was actually my mom who suggested I take some journalism classes,” she said at the time. “And then I watched a lot of the Today Show in the early 90s, and one of my favorite people to watch was Katie Couric. I just loved her spirit on-air.”

3. She can really carry a tune – and play the guitar
In the same September Q&A, Guthrie admitted that her bucket list includes having a jam session with singer-songwriters Shawn Colvin and Patty Griffin some day. She then serenaded viewers with her truly lovely guitar and vocal skills.

4. Her boyfriend works in politics
Guthrie, who ended a three-year marriage to journalist Mark Orchard in 2009, was seen with political consultant Michael Feldman at an event hosted by us and TIME back in April 2012.

5. She”s not afraid of the tough questions
In a 2010 interview with NPR, Guthrie said: “[I always] try to think of the one question [interview subjects] would rather not be asked, just to see what they would say.”