Saturday Night Live: Lindsay Lohan”s Top Three Moments

Lindsay Lohan
Following years of personal and professional missteps, Lindsay Lohan made her return over the weekend, hosting Saturday Night Live in what has been billed as a comeback for the troubled actress.

Is she back on track Judging by her sketch skills Saturday evening, Lohan may be ready for a second act.

Throughout the show, the actress, 25, poked fun at her troubles, including charges stemming from the $2,500 theft of a necklace.

us recaps Lohan”s three best moments from the show:

The Opening MonologueLohan addressed her checkered past right off the bat. “Wait, so the alarm goes off if I leave the stage” she said, referring to her house arrest while sirens sounded as she stepped off.

Cast members made cameos to share their well-wishes – but also jokingly made sure Lohan was sober and in control. “She”s clean,” announced Kristen Wiig after awkwardly frisking the actress post-hug.

Even Jimmy Fallon popped by to encourage Lohan – sort of. “If you can”t [host], Jon Hamm”s on backup,” he noted as the Mad Men star appeared in the audience.

Disney HousewivesIn this hilarious send-up of the Real Housewives franchise, Lohan and the female cast members played exaggerated versions of Disney princesses Rapunzel, Cinderella, Snow White, Jasmine and Belle.

Wiig owned the sketch as an alcoholic Cinderella, but Lohan – playing Rapunzel – also had a few funny moments, including her hair-pulling fight with the comedienne. “Here”s your midnight, b––––!” screamed Lohan before knocking Wiig out.

Scared StraightIn her bawdiest performance of the night, Lohan didn”t need to play a character – she played herself.

As a bandana-wearing prisoner who tries to scare three boys away from a life of crime, she poked fun at her own time in jail. “First you hang out with all the mean girls and then you get accused of stealing a diamond necklace!” Lohan joked.