Sarah Palin To Gov’t — Stop Using Vets As Political Pawns… Cuz They’re MY Pawns

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Sarah Palin needs a lesson in irony … she”s slamming government douchebags in DC for using American war heroes as “political pawns” … while at the same time, using the vets for her own political agenda.

Palin led a big rally in DC yesterday … protesting the government shutdown that has closed the monuments to visitors … telling our sources she thinks the closures are “shameful.”

She thinks Congress is using the vets” plight to play on the sympathies of the American public … which may be true … but then she showed she”s dirty enough to play that game, too.

The former Alaskan governor made a big show of staging her protest at the World War II memorial … and posing with angry decorated veterans who like her brand of politics.

She also ripped on the Vice Prez.  Ya gotta listen … it”s classic Palin.