Sarah Jessica Parker Talks High Heeled Mishaps in Net-A-Porter

Sarah Jessica Parker Talks High Heeled Mishaps in Net-A-Porter

She”s never been one to shy away from the spotlight, and nowSarah Jessica Parker is gracing the cover of Net-A-Porter”s latest issue.

The “Sex and the City” beauty looked absolutely gorgeous in a black dress from designer Haider Ackermann while chatting about everything from passing her Carrie Bradshaw legacy onto AnnaSophia Robb to her high heel downfall.

During the interview, the 42-year-old actress explains what”s really going on in that closet of hers. “I think I wear seven percent of whats in my closet. I have more pants, more jeans, more corduroys than I ever imagined Id own in my life. I have dresses I keep, and I go, “Better not throw that out because Im gonna have an occasion.” But the occasion never presents itself and this weekend I am cleaning it all out. I said to my husband, “Its going to be an echo chamber in there.””

Although her style is definitely to die for, Miss Parker admits she may have over did it on the painful footwear. “For ten or so years, I literally ran in heels. I worked 18-hour days and never took them off. I wore beautiful shoes, some better made than others, and never complained. But then I did I Dont Know How She Does It, and I was very thoughtful about my whole wardrobe and said, you know, [Kate Reddy] could not afford really good footwear. So I got [lower priced] shoes and the bottoms werent leather, they were plastic, so I slipped a couple times, twisted my ankle. I went to a foot doctor and he said, “Your foot does things it shouldn”t be able to do. That bone there… You”ve created that bone. It doesn”t belong there.” The moral of the story is, the chickens are coming home to roost. It”s sad, because my feet took me all over the world, but eventually they were like, “You know what, we are really tired, can you just stop and don”t put cheap shoes on us””

In regards to Miss Robb portraying a young Bradshaw in the television series “The Carrie Diaries,” Jessica says, “Im not sure You know, I think its one of those tests of your generosity. She [Anna­Sophia Robb] is a lovely girl and I want her to feel good about it, but its odd.”