Sarah Jessica Parker: Off To School with the Twins!

Sarah Jessica Parker: Off To School with the Twins!

Kicking off another week of domestic bliss, Sarah Jessica Parker walked her kids Tabitha and Marion to school in New York City this morning (March 11).

And it seems both little ladies had matching monkey purses, evidence that the Failure to Launch mommys keenness for fashion is already rubbing off on them.

In a recent interview, SJP revealed that while shes flattered that the CW put together their Carrie Diaries program as a prequel to her Sex and the City series, shes not a huge fan of the actual show.

Parker noted, Im not sure. You know, I think its one of those tests of your generosity. [AnnaSophia Robb] is a lovely girl and I want her to feel good about it, but its odd.

Of the original series, Sarah Jessica explained, I think it certainly encouraged women to share more candidly. I don”t know if it empowered women. I hesitate to say whether we were the pioneers or whether we gave voice to something that was there, but I recognize there was a connection.”