Sara Gilbert Confirms Her Relationship with Linda Perry

Sara Gilbert
Sara Gilbert is speaking out about her new relationship – even though she would have rather waited.

On Wednesday”s episode of The Talk, Gilbert acknowledged that the story of her relationship with Linda Perry had been told, prematurely.

“The other day I was just out, and the paparazzi were there,” she said to the panel, as a photo of her and the musician-turned-producer was shown on the monitor.

After The Talk co-host and Perry were spotted shopping together hand-in-hand over the weekend, reports surfaced that the two were dating.

“All these articles are out that I”m in a new relationship,” Gilbert told the audience, prompting applause. “I go online, and it”s on CNN … it”s weird.”

“I do want to share [the news] with you … but I want to do it on my terms, in full hair and makeup,” she joked.

In August, Gilbert ended
her relationship with her partner of 10 years, Allison Adler.