Saoirse Ronan talks Ryan Gosling: "He's the Best!"

Saoirse Ronan talks Ryan Gosling:

She”s working on the set of Ryan Gosling”s directorial debut movie “How to Catch a Monster,” and nowSaoirse Ronan reveals what it”s like to work alongside one of the hottest men in Hollywood.

While speaking to NYLON magazine, the 19-year-old actress raved about Mr. Gosling”s directing and how he treats others around him.

“Ryan”s the best. He”s just very cool. He”s just really relaxed and very open minded. Completely open to how everyone else feels,” the “Hanna” actress explained.

“He”s a very humble guy,” Miss Ronan added. “How to Catch A Monster” is set to hit theaters in 2014.