Santa and Kermit the Frog join the festive fun at the White House

Santa and Kermit the Frog join the festive fun at the White House

With Santa in their midst, and Kermit the frog perched on the first lady”s shoulder, the Obamas sing a rousing rendition of Walking in a Winter Wonderland.

The famous muppet provided festive cheer by the bucketloads as the US leader and his family lit up the National Christmas Tree in the grounds of the White House. 


Giving a lively reading of Twas The Night before Christmas together, Michelle and Kermit hit it off particularly well.

“You can call me Michelle,” the mom-in-chief told her green friend.

“That”s really nice of you. I have to call Miss Piggy “Your Majesty”,” he quipped. 

The whole family, including Michelle”s mum Marian, gathered round the button to light up the tree.

At 26 feet, the New Jersey tree is a little smaller than its predecessor. Colorado Blue Spruce, a 40 foot  which has grown was snapped in half by strong winds earlier in the year.

“This is the new tree. I know it”s not quite as big as the old tree.

“But it”s going to take time to grow. But we are going to fill it up with spirit and start the new tradition right now,” said the American leader.

The crowds were also entertained by performances from the Black Eyed Peas and Ellie Goulding.

First pet Bo presides over Michelle”s winter wonderland