Sandra Bullock on "Today": "Gravity" is More than Us Lost in Space

Sandra Bullock on

Pitching in on promotional efforts for her upcoming film “Gravity,” Sandra Bullock showed up on the set of the “Today Show” in NYC on Tuesday (October 1).

During her interview with Matt Lauer, the “Miss Congeniality” star revealed the upcoming drama is more than just her and George Clooney stuck in space.

“It was actually the perfect setup for feeling lonely, feeling lost, feeling frustrated,” Miss Bullock explained. “Once you started using it, instead of fighting all the time, it make it what it was.”

Also discussing her preserved cemented hands and feet outside the TCL Chinese Theater, formerly known as Grauman”s Chinese Theater, Sandra revealed what it felt like to have her son Louis by her side at the ceremony on September 25.

“You try not to make a lot out of it, but having him [there]… he”s made everything sweet,” the 49-year-old stated.

“Later on when he hates me and I”m an embarrassment, I”ll say, “Come here, let me show you what we did when you were younger and how much you liked mike at that time,” she jokingly added.