Salma Hayek on "GMA": I Tried to Set Adam Sandler's Mom Up on a Date

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After rocking an interview on the set of “Good Morning America,” Salma Hayek stepped out to enjoy the gorgeous sunny day in New York City this morning (July 11).

While donning a gorgeous lavender dress, the “Grown Ups 2” beauty flashed a smile and waved at the cameras and fans as she made her way to the street.

During her interview with the GMA staff, Miss Hayek chatted about her experience with bullying.

“When I was a little girl, there was this mean boy who was like taller than me and probably older than me and he used to hit me, pull my hair, do all kinds of things to me,” she explained.

The 46-year-old actress continued, “If you like a girl, don”t beat on them. This is not good. And men if you love your wife, do not beat on them either. I used to walk like a duck and I told the teacher, she didn”t do anything, my mom went and talked to them, they didn”t do anything. So one day when he came to attack me, I just looked at him and I took my boots and kicked him right [in the leg].”

Also discussing her time with co-star Adam Sandler, Salma mentioned the attempt of setting the comedian”s mother up on a blind date.

“I said to his mother, “You know what, I would like to set you up with someone” because, you know, her husband passed away a long time ago and she”s so spunky. I wanted to get her a boyfriend! And so I said I would like to set you up with someone and [Adam] was like “What No. Never. Don”t mess with my mother.” Oh my goodness, you know I got to see a whole other side of Adam,” she said with a smile.

“We”re still getting to know each other and Judy said, “No please. You know I don”t want to do that,”” she added.

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