Russian President Vladimir Putin — The Most Civilized Divorce EVER

Vladimir Putin could teach Beverly Hills celebs like Kelsey Grammer a thing or 2 about divorce … like announcing the end of your marriage after a lovely evening with your estranged wife at the ballet!

It”s pretty incredible.  Putin and his wife, Lyudmila Putina, walked out of a performance of Esmeralda at the Great Kremlin Palace when a reporter gingerly began asking the Prez questions about rumors — rumors that the 2 were living apart.  Putin responded directly … almost matter-of-factly, “This is so.”

The reporter wasn”t satisfied, knowing there must be more.  So he threw a Hail Mary:  “I am afraid to say this word “divorce.””  Lyudmila responded, “Yes, this is a civilized divorce.”

No s**t.

Apparently the divorce isn”t final yet.  When it happens, it will end a 30-year marriage.

As for why … Lyudmila has bitched about the fact that her hubby is all work and no play.  But it seems like he plays, because there have been persistent rumors he”s banging a gymnast half his age.

They don”t call him Putin for nothin”.