Russell Crowe's Twitter Account Hacked

Russell Crowe's Twitter Account Hacked

Falling victim like so many other celebrities, Russell Crowe”s Twitter account was reportedly hacked.

On Tuesday (July 2), a photo of a naked woman apparently made it”s way onto the “Gladiator” actor”s feed for a brief time before being quickly deleted.

According to reports, the picture displayed the lower regions of a female with the caption, “hairstyle worn by some Orthodox Jewish men.”

However, the Oscar-winner was supposedly on vacation with his children and estranged wife Danielle Spencer when the incident happened.

Explaining that he had nothing to do with the scandal, Crowe tweeted, “Hey, I dont know what that was. Just having a chat with Dani when the phone went ballistic. Sorry, gone.

Russell”s team later confirmed that the 49-year-old”s account was indeed hacked and that the actor had no part in the photo being released.