Russell Brand Talks Katy Perry Marriage in British Esquire July 2013: "I Tried it and I Loved it"

Russell Brand Talks Katy Perry Marriage in British Esquire July 2013:

It”s been one year since finalizing his divorce from pop singer Katy Perry, and now Russell Brand reveals what really ended his marriage in the July 2013 issue of British Esquire magazine.

After striking a few poses for Peggy Sitora, the “Forgetting Sarah Marshall” actor opened up about the obstacles he and the “Firework” hitmaker faced during their short-lived marriage.

Check out a few highlights from Mr. Brand”s interview below. For more, be sure to visit British Esquire!

On his marriage to Katy:
“I tried it and I loved it. I really think she”s a lovely beautiful person. It”s just hard isn”t it She”s got a lot of options, I”ve got a lot of options, so you”ve got to really, really want it.”

On what really broke down his marriage:
“Some of it”s the fame, but I think getting married is – you”ve got a whole other person that you”ve got to make as important as you!”

On wanting to get married again someday:
“I”ve given over too much of my life to its pursuit. And I”ve probably harmed other people, by being selfish. And really, I”d like to be married. I”m just not transmitting that frequency of “Soulmate! Soulmate!” I”m transmitting the frequency of “Mmmm!””

On his relationship dilemma:
“When I”m in a relationship I”m diligently monogamous and stick to the principles agreed on within that relationship. You”ve got to, I think. But it”s going to be hard if I go into a monogamous relationship. I live a life where I have a lot of freedom, so if I meet someone and go, “Right let”s be monogamous” that”s a f****** change.”