Russell Brand Takes Over "Morning Joe": Watch Here!

Russell Brand Takes Over

Perhaps a little frazzled during a whirlwind promotional tour, Russell Brand took his interview into his own hands on “Morning Joe” on Monday (June 17).

As co-host Mika Brzezinksi and panelists Katty Kay and Brian Shactman awkwardly spoke about the British comedian, he became visibly agitated.

Finally, the 38-year-old star blurted out, “Is this what you all do for a living These people are, I”m sure, typically very, very good at their job. You”re conveying news to the people of America People of America, we”re gonna to be OK. Everything”s alright. These are your trusted anchors.”

Later, he pokes fun at the co-host as she held her water bottle, calling her a “shaft grasper” and saying, “You need to lose that ring, Mika, “cause it don”t mean nothing to ya.” Check out the entire awkward segment in the video below.