Russell Brand: Fan Favorite in London

Russell Brand: Fan Favorite in London

Making the most of his hometown show, Russell Brand greeted fans outside the SoHo Theatre Bar in London, England last night (August 1).

The Forgetting Sarah Marshall hunk looked to be in good spirits as he exited the venue following his Messiah Complex performance.

Earlier in the evening, Russell flirted with a pair of babes who came out for the event, though he didnt end up leaving with either of them.

Meanwhile, it seems Mr. Brand may be romancing his stylist Nicole Schuller these days. An insider told press, Nicole has been Russells good friend for years and was his shoulder to cry on through his divorce from Katy Perry, and splits from other women. She created the style hes best known for his spiky back-combed hair. He has a lot to thank her for.

But in the last few weeks things between them have got a lot more hot and heavy than just friends. The way they were kissing in public speaks for itself.