Royal photographer Ken Lennox: "Kate is enduring same treatment as Diana"

Ken Lennox has been photographing members of the royal family for the past 53 years and recently captured Kate Middleton at the Natural History Museum on the eve of her pregnancy announcement.

31 years ago, Ken also snapped a 20-year-old Princess Diana and Prince Charles in images almost identical to those that emerged of Prince William and his wife in Mustique.

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Picturing Diana, who was pregnant at the time, in her bikini naturally caused controversy, and Ken tells ! there are parallels between the late Princess of Wales and the woman who would have been her daughter-in-law.

“Prince William and his brother Harry have a slow-burning inner rage about press intrusion, as was revealed in Harry”s interview after his return from serving in Afghanistan,” Ken says. “How can it be otherwise, when Kate is enduring the same treatment that was meted out to Diana over 30 years ago”.  

As a photographer, Ken admits he might have done things differently, saying: “I only have one regret in my career… that event 31 years ago where I got carried away and intruded into a young girl”s life. I went on to do other things but the intrusion continued until Diana”s death in Paris.

“The photographer who took the current photographs of Kate and William won”t be aware of any of this history. I hope in 30 years” time he won”t have the same regrets.”

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