Rosario Dawson turns 35: See her star sign and your horoscope

Rosario Dawson turns 35: See her star sign and your horoscope
Happy birthday, Rosario Dawson! The Hollywood actress celebrates her 35th birthday today and to celebrate, ! Online take a look at what”s in the stars for Taurian Rosario Dawson, and you.

We spoke yesterday, about the risks attached to purchasing a second-hand jigsaw puzzle. How could you feel assured that the requisite number of pieces were in the box The only way to find out would be to construct the picture, then you wouldn”t find out till the very end whether you had done the wrong thing by starting in the first place! Life, it sometimes seems, is full of such calls upon our courage. Remember, this weekend, that the only way not to lose is to avoid caring whether you win or lose.

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Born in New York City, Rosario Dawson was bought up by her mother and step-father, and at the age of 21 the family moved into an abandoned squat in the Lower East Side in which they renovated the entire building.

Rosario has spoken fondly of this time in her life, revealing that it was here that she learnt that “if you wanted something better, you had to do it all yourself.”

At the age of 15, cult director Harmony Korine cast her in his controversial film Kids, and it was this taste of the film world that got Rosario hooked.

The actress went on to star alongside Julia Stiles in teen romcom Down To You, and Rachael Leigh Cook in Josie and the Pussycats, before being cast in blockbsuters such as Men In Black II and Oliver Stone”s epic Alexander with Colin Farrell and Anthony Hopkins .

In 2005 Rosario showed off her musical skills alongside Idina Menzel in an adaptation of the hit Broadway show Rent, before later going on to star in Percy Jackson & the Olympians: The Lightning Thief, and Unstoppable with Chris Pine.

A long time philanthropist, Rosario is a member of many charities, including ONE, Oxfam, Amnesty and Doctors Without Borders.