Rodney King — No Jail After 2nd DUI Arrest

Rodney King just got a slap on the wrist for his DUI arrest last summer — striking a plea deal in which he won”t have to serve a single second behind bars … despite the fact he has a prior DUI conviction on his record.

Rodney pled guilty today to reckless driving for the July 12, 2011 incident in Riverside County, CA … and in exchange, prosecutors agreed to drop the DUI charge.

Law enforcement sources tell our sources, Rodney”s blood alcohol level was only .06 at the time of his arrest — below the legal limit — but marijuana was also found in his system.

King was sentenced to 20 days house arrest and 3 years summary probation. He is also required to attend a 9-month alcohol education program, and pay a $500 fine plus court costs.

King dodged a major bullet by avoiding the DUI conviction … because he was previously convicted for DUI in California stemming from an incident in 2003 … and in CA, 2 DUI convictions within 10 years means MANDATORY jail time.

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