Robin Thicke's "Blurred Lines:" 'Too Hot' for YouTube

Robin Thicke's

Though his soulful falsetto may make the ladies” clothes come off in the bedroom, Robin Thicke had that effect on a bevy of beauties in his new music video for “Blurred Lines.”

In fact, the unrated version was reportedly banned from YouTube for the frequent female breast shots. Unhappy that his art was tampered with, the 36-year-old singer tweeted, “YouTube took down the Unrated version of #BLURREDLINES because it was too hot!”

In the slightly more demure version, the R&B crooner and collaborators T.I. and Pharrell frolicked with scantily clad models. The message “Robin Thicke Has A Big D” even made it into the clean edition.

Similarly disgruntled, Pharrell tweeted, “Why they trying to ban good sh*t” Check out the video that did make it through YouTube censors below.